Attic Insulation Brampton

Why You Need to Insulate Your Attic

We can install attic insulation into your Brampton home which will maintain the temperature of your house. Ontario is a very cold place in the winter, insulating your attic will help keep your house warm. If you have an attic that is not insulated and your heater is on the heat is leaking out from the top of your house. On the flip side Ontario can get very warm in the summer, attic insulation in warmer climates will help keep the cold air in your house if you have air conditioning. Therefore, not having an insulated attic causes your energy bill to be significantly in both the summer and winter seasons. Therefore, the most important reason to insulate your attic is for cost saving benefits. 

Given the extreme cost benefits of having your attic insulated you need the right team to provide this crucial service! 

Our Process for Insulating an Attic

Step 1: Initial Inspection

The initial inspection is performed during the quoting phase. If you have requested a quote over the phone or through our forms available on this site we will set up a time to come see your attic. Site visits are essential because it will allow us to properly vet the current situation. If you currently have insulation in the attic and are looking to replace it, we will be able to measure the height of the insulation determining how much we will need for re-installation. It also allows us to properly measure the square footage of the space. Regardless of the current situation Stable Insulation recommends targeting an R-value of 49. 

Step 2: Product Selection

Based off of our initial consult we provide you with the following insulation options: 

Step 3: Leak Remediation

A good insulation company will inspect the attic for visible leaks. This require going up into the space with a high quality light and inspecting the floor and roof panels. If a hole is discovered then it is sealed. If these holes are not sealed then it will reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. We will also seal windows, areas around pipes, exhaust fans, ducts and chimneys to ensure no moisture or air is leaking through. This step needs to be performed in the day because there have been cases where our service technicians have seen light coming through the rood revealing leaks.

Step 4: Insulation Installation

After the leaks are sealed and the vapor barrier is installed we then begin installing the insulation that you have chosen from our offerings. Depending on the size of the job we aim to  complete the installation process in less then 24 hours. This includes cleaning up our work space. 

Step 5: Vapour Barrier Installation

This step is optional but we highly recommend this portion of our service. It is often over looked but it is crucial for the longevity of your insulation. Essentially a vapor barrier negates heat and moisture to get into your insulation. As a result of Ontario being a hot and cold climate we recommend installing a barrier on both sides of the insulation. You would have a barrier between the floor of the attic and the insulation and also on top of the insulation. 

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