Blown-In Insulation Brampton

Blown in insulation also commonly known as “loose fill” insulation is insulation that is made of loose materials. We often install cellulose blown-in insulation into the attics of our customers homes in Brampton.

Do not get this type of insulation confused with spray foam insulation because although they serve the same purpose they have completely different properties.

This type of insulation is not ideal for “do-it-yourself”  type individuals because of the equipment required for this type of insulation. We can install this insulation using our blowers in your attic or cavity walls.

We would love to give you a blown-in insulation consultation. This consultation will include a job overview and we can draft up a free quote.

    What is Blown In Insulation

    Blown In insulation is a type of insulation that you use a pneumatic machine to pump or blow “loose fill” insulation into a desired area. Given the “loose” nature of this type of insulation when you blow it into your desired area it easily engulfs any wood, wiring or plumbing in the cavities that you decide to get insulated. There are two specific types of blow-in insulation that we  offer; fiberglass and cellulose.

    Material Components of Blow In Insulation

    The material components of your blown in insulation will depend on which type of insulation you selected. However, like mentioned above there are two main types of blown in insulation (fiberglass loose fill & cellulose loose fill), below is of the materials that make up both options.

    Although we can install both forms of blow-in insulation our recommendation is to choose cellulose if you are going with the form of insulation. It has superior fire resistance and is considered Eco-friendly.

    Where We Can Install Blow In Insulation

    Blown in insulation is ideal for any type of closed cavity. For example if you have a wall that is fully enclosed (the drywall is up)  then you lose fill insulation will save you the hassle of having to remove the drywall install the insulation. Another very popular area for blow in insulation is for your attic floors.

    Advantages of Blow In Insulation

    Disadvantages of Blow In Insulation