Garage Insulation Brampton

If you are looking for a company to insulate you garage in Brampton our team at Stable Insulation have you covered. We are happy to come out to your garage provide recommendations and a free quote to complete the work.

Why Garage Insulation is a Good Idea

There are a few reason why you would want to consider insulating your garage. The first reason you will want to insulate you garage is that you might be losing heat through conduction. If your garage is attached to your house then the hot air from your house has a high chance of leaking/transferring from the wall connected to your garage. Having the wall insulated on the garage side will reduce the loss of heat. 

The second reason why you would want to insulate your garage is if it is heated. If your garage is heated then you are losing a ton a heat by not having it insulated. The warm air will This intern results in a much higher energy bill. 

The third reason to insulate your garage is if there is any type of plumbing located in the garage. This will help maintain the temperature of what ever temperature the water is within the pipe. It will also help avoid pipes from freezing in colder climates. 

Types of Insulation We Can Install

Our Process for Insulating a Garage

Initial Inspection

One of our insulation experts will set up a time to schedule a site visit. Our expert will be able to measure out the space and determine how much insulation is required. It will also give him an opportunity to figure out which type of insulation will work best with the current situation.

Quote and Contract Created and Sent to Customer

After the site visit is completed we will create a formal contract. This contract will display the price, materials and a specified start date. 

Job Commencement

Once the contract has been signed our workers will begin working. We will start the job on the specified date that is outlined in the contract. The time of completion will vary depending on the size and complexity of the job.


Once we have completed the insulation installation and clean up, we will review the job with you in order to ensure satisfaction.

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