Insulation Removal Brampton

Reasons to Remove Your Insulation

There are four main reasons for removing insulation from your house: 

It is important to understand that if you are debating removing your insulation purely because you are are going to replace it you should not. What you need to  do is reach out to an experienced professional for their guidance. The reason why you should not remove it is because if it does not have mold, moisture, fire or rodent damage then it can actually increase the effectiveness of new insulation. It is very standard for insulation companies to simply install the new insulation on top of the old insulation. This will increase the R rating, which means that it is more effective at doing its job. 

Our Removal Process

Site Inspection

Site inspections are crucial for establishing two things: 

Insulation Removal

After the inspection has been complete and the contract has been signed the crew will begin removing the insulation. The physical removal of the insulation will depend on what type of insulation your attic has. If your attic has blown-in (loose fill) insulation we will need to use our vacuum system. This will involve having us set up our vacuum tube to through your house and threading the large tube into the access point of the attic. A trained professional will be in the attic with the vacuum hose sucking up the lose fill insulation. 

If your attic has insulation batts (rolls) the only way we can remove the insulation is manually. We will set up a protective layer from the entrance of your house to the entrance of the attic. This will ensure that the work space will be kept clean and your floors or carpets will not get damage. We will have one of our technicians in the attic removing the rolls by hand. 

Clean Up

After the insulation has been successfully removed via our vacuum system or manually by hand we will clean up the areas we occupied. The first step is carefully removing out protective layer followed up by dusting and vacuuming the areas. 

If you are looking for a contractor to remove insulation in Brampton or anywhere in the GTA Stable Insulation would be glad to complete the job!