Insulation Rolls & Batts Brampton

Our team at Stable can install roll and batt insulation into any component of your house in Brampton.

Fiberglass Insulation batts and rolls are very common and you have likely seen this type of product in your house or at hardware stores. While many people immediately think of fiberglass when it comes to insulation rolls, these come in many different materials and each has their own pros and cons to be aware of.

We have installed fiberglass and mineral wool insulation in hundreds of homes across Brampton and other areas in Peel. You need to make sure that this insulation is installed correctly or you will not maximize your energy savings.

We can come out to your property for free and provide an accurate quote. If we can see your property we can provide the most accurate pricing.

    What are Insulation Rolls

    Insulation rolls and batts refer to the shape of the insulation rather than the material. Batts are long, cut sheets of insulation. They are often more convenient in terms of installation because you usually won’t have to cut batts unless they are too long for a certain section. Rolls are basically the same thing as batts. They are a sheet of insulation made from a specific material. The only differences are that rolls are much longer and are one single strip. Aside from that, they are nearly identical.

    Both of them are intended to slide right between wooden frames. They are also equally effective in controlling temperature, sound and reducing your energy costs. Perhaps the only major difference one would note when installing them is that rolls usually require more cutting, but this is largely dependent on the size and format of the installation site.

    We will often use a combination of rolls and batts, but this all depends on which is best for your specific need. Materials are very important as well as this will determine the R-value of the insulation. R-value is a measurement of thermal resistance. A higher R-value means a higher thermal resistance, but there are other factors such as air infiltration and convection to consider when choosing the right insulation.

    Material Components of Insulation Rolls & Batts

    Where We Can Install Insulation Rolls & Batts

    Given the physical properties of insulation rolls and batts if installed correctly they are good options to insulate attic floors and any type of unfinished wall. It is important to note that if you are using insulation rolls in walls you should also install or have us install a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is a plastic layer that you secure to the wood studs over top of the insulation.

    Due to its bulky nature, rolls and batts are best for large spaces that are easily accessible. This is ideal for quickly filling large areas like unfinished walls, attics and basements. You can also place it in floors and ceilings with ease. This type of insulation is made to sit snugly in place. As long as your house is built with standard measurements in mind, then this insulation should have no problem staying in place for many years and saving you money.

    Advantages of Insulation Rolls

    Disadvantages of Insulation Rolls